Is Avogen Avocado Oil? What's the difference?
Avogen is in avocado oil, but only in trace amounts. We extract Avogen from avocados and then add it back into natural avocado oil at a concentration that is equivalent to eating a whole avocado per capsule.

What does the Avogen Supplement do for me?
Very noticeable improvements to aged, sun-damaged skin, more full-bodied hair, improved nails are quick to show. Your friends will notice. Scars and stretch marks clear over time. Softening of stiff joints occurs at a rapid rate and is dramatic. Overall improvement in vitality, mental clarity and skin tone goes along with this. For those with implants, the area around these becomes softer, and ultimately natural in feel. This is especially true for stiffness from general surgeries, especially in the abdomen. Avogen is nature’s own way back machine!

How does the Avogen Avocado Topical Mist work?

Topically applied Avogen will soften and plump skin, improve texture and increase elasticity. It is excellent for aged, sun-damaged skin and complements the Avogen Avocado Dietary Supplement for a visibly improved, softer more natural look.

Will I get a better result from megadosing?

No. Avogen works to renormalize the ecology of the extra cellular matrix. While ecology is not a clinical term associated with personal health care, it describes the supportive influence of Avogen. The daily uptake of 40 mg of Avogen will over time help the dynamics of the extracellular matrix. This matrix is crucial to desirable cell functionality, to aging, and to natural resistance. Trying to hurry that with high dosing may result in a loss of desirable effects.

Is it safe to take the Avogen supplement with my prescription medication?

As always check with your doctor, especially if you have a complex medication regime. Avogen contains the amount of a naturally occurring substance that would be found in approximately one avocado per day.

Is there another source for Avogen?

Avocados for one – eating a portion of avocado everyday AND taking the Avogen Avocado Dietary Supplement is an outstanding personal dietary choice. Avocado is a “complete food” nutritionally, one of the few so-called super foods in the world with a wealth of natural products in it.

What if I eat an avocado every day, will I get enough Avogen?
You could consume one avocado per day and over a year experience quite a few benefits from that. The amount of Avogen varies during the seasons and too, the ripening phase affects this content - later in the season, less of the Avogen. The measurements of 40 mg as a daily dose is based on consumption of eight ounces of avocado mesocarp (does not include seed weight) - which may be closer to 1.5 avocados or even 2 or 3 avocados per day depending on time of harvest, size of fruit etc. As a course of diet, this may prove to be challenging over time. A whole avocado provides about 400 calories and this has to be included in your total dietary uptake. In addition, the bioavailability of the Avogen from the fruit itself may depend on digestive absorption factors. In the oil vehicle of the capsules, the bioavailability is intact. As a matter of cost, the capsules are less expensive than avocados during the course of a season. The ideal is to take the capsules along with a serving (1-3 ounces of fresh avocado) per day. This will provide a more reasonable caloric uptake and provide other nutrients. New research indicates a good role for avocado in the cardiovascular area. We recommend avocados from the Calavo Growers of California.

What if I am allergic to av
It is possible you will have an unwanted reaction. The cause of the allergic response to avocado is likely not contained in the Avogen capsule, but prudence says: avoid.

There are a zillion supplements on the market, why is it so important to take this one?

Avogen goes directly to the source of so many dysfunctions in our health – the extracellular matrix – all the supplements taking in the world will not help if the extracellular matrix poorly functions. The extracellular matrix is the ocean that all cells swim in – Avogen optimizes that ocean ecology. Nothing else does all that Avogen can do.