The first and foremost supplement for the extracellular matrix (ECM)

The extracellular matrix (ECM) is the dynamic regulator of cell functions everywhere in the body. Aging, stress and inflammation cause ECM deterioration and clinical disorders follow. The ECM is now recognized as a key player in many clinical and subclinical events. Avogen™ is the first small molecule approach that engages the extracellular matrix to help renormalize errors. It represents a new class of substances (NORMS) that are not anti-inflammatory agents or immune suppressors but instead act to normalize day-to-day functions in the ECM. The effects of renormalization are rapid, well-tolerated, without side effects and continuing.

Avogen™ is a natural and unique lipid family found in avocado provided in the approximate amount as would be found in one avocado of the containing varietal. Beginning with the discovery in the highlands of Guatamela where indigenous workers first exhibited the evidence of its benefits, we continue to explore the mysteries of the key molecules in the unique avocado of that region.

Avogen™ is available in topical mist and capsule form, dosed at one per day. More capsules per day will not result in faster or better results. One misting per day on the skin will transform and resolve the visible effects of sun damage and chronologic aging. Misting every other day is usually sufficient.

AVOCADO DIETARY SUPPLEMENT: Softer, freer joint movement • softens surgical adhesions • treats stretch marks • clears implant fibrosis • increases energy, vitality

AVOCADO TOPICAL MIST: Visibly more beautiful natural looking skin • clears visible sun damage • softens skin to natural sheer • treats scars and uneven texture

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